If you were to quit working today, how long could you maintain your current lifestyle before you had to go back to work? 


From the desk of Bob Ritchey

California, USA

Dear Friend,


The question above was the first of two questions that a very wealthy and successful friend of mine asked me over 30 years ago, while I was teaching high school math.


The second question he asked was:

"What is your exit strategy from your job or profession?"

My answers to those two questions troubled me so much that I didn't sleep well for a couple of nights.


How would you answer those two questions?


If you are not happy about your answers to those questions, then this may be one of the most important messages you will read in a long time.


Now, my answer to the first question was: “Just a couple of days.”


That’s not the reality that I wanted for my family’s welfare.


My answer to the second question was that I did have an “exit strategy.”


I was one of the few people in our society who had a retirement program built into my career. Every month the school district took part of my salary and gave it to the Californian State Teachers Retirement Program.


If I could teach for 40 years without killing a student or going insane during that time, I would be paid about 20% less than the salary I was making as a teacher.


In other words, my standard of living would go down!


To be completely honest with you...


At this time, I was living paycheck to paycheck and had credit cards that I only made the minimum payment on each month.


My assets (what I owned) were worth less than my liabilities (what I owed).


My net worth was a negative number.


The reality was, after several years of working, I was worse than broke.


Those two questions got me to do some serious thinking about my life and where I was going. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Education, and I thought I was “pretty intelligent.”


But why wasn’t I really getting ahead in life?!


Well, whether I wanted to admit it, or not... and whether I liked it, or not...


I was an official member of the rat race.

So, I decided that I wanted to change my answers to those two questions my friend had asked me.

I wanted to be able to say that “I could stop working and my lifestyle would not change or it would even be better.”


I wanted to be able to say “I have an exit strategy that will provide my wife and me with enough income to live comfortably for the rest of our lives, without us having to worry about running out of money.”

It is a fact that today an overwhelming majority of people are facing many economic challenges that are affecting their lifestyle in many negative ways. 

We are seeing:

  • The reduction of the average income of the middle class – a loss of over $5,000 in the last 5 years;
  • The decline of our buying power as consumers because of rising prices due to inflation;
  • The increasing loss of our income to higher taxes;
  • Rising health care costs;
  • The increase of personal debt by a majority of the population;
  • The greater dependence of more and more people on the government to provide basic needs;
  • Our vulnerability to lay-offs, termination, reduction to part-time employment, or replacement;
  • The difficulty of saving, investing and creating financial security or the erosion of what we have already accumulated;
  • The tremendous growth of the government deficit that will affect not only us, but also our children and grandchildren...

...and many other negative events that have been the result of our troubled economy.

You have probably heard the statistic that 95% of the wealth of our country is controlled by 5% of the population.

During the last several years of the recession it is a fact that the rich have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer, and the middle class continues to struggle.


Let me tell you why...

  1. The wealthy know things that the rest of the population doesn’t know
  2. The wealthy think differently than the rest of the population.
  3. The wealthy take actions that the rest of the population doesn’t. 

And, because of this, the wealthy continue to prosper while the poor and the middle class continue to fight a losing battle.


Because of those three things:

  • The wealthy don’t stress about debt as most people do;
  • The wealthy are able to earn a lot more money than the rest;
  • The wealthy provide their loved ones with access to better health and medical care, better education, a better nutrition and diet, and more opportunities to develop as a person;
  • The wealthy are able to give themselves better quality vacations;
  • The wealthy can have more peace of mind about their financial stability after retirement;
  • The wealthy are able to contribute more to charities and worthwhile causes than the rest of the population.

And I can go on and on with that list. But I know you get my point.

Let me share a life-changing concept with you that I found in a magazine article that became worth millions of dollars to me.

I guarantee that if you really understand the power of the next ideas, you will be able to make some extraordinary changes to your life.

A New Definition of Intelligence


Some years ago the Gallup Organization did a study of success characteristics of wealthy Americans. One of the qualities of success that they discovered was the factor of intelligence.


However, in the study, intelligence was not defined as a matter of high I.Q. or good grades in school.


Rather, intelligence was defined as “a way of acting.”


In short, if you act intelligently, you are intelligent and if you act stupidly, you are stupid, irrespective of your grades or your I.Q.

Now here is the question:


“What is an intelligent act?”


How can you determine whether an act is intelligent or not, either for yourself or someone else?

The answer is simple:


An intelligent act is anything that you do that moves you toward a goal of your own choosing. An unintelligent act is anything that moves you away from a goal of your own choosing. And, everything counts.


Everything that you do that is consistent with your goals is, by definition, an intelligent act and everything that you do that is inconsistent with you achieving your own self- determined goal is a stupid act.


You must therefore resolve from this moment forward, to think and behave intelligently with regard to your goals. You can obtain everything that you desire by acting intelligently.


Everything that you do counts in some way. Everything either helps or hurts. Everything is either moving you toward your goals or moving you away from them. Everything either adds to the quality of your life or detracts from it.


Everything counts.


From this point forward resolve to act more intelligently.

I finally discovered the reason I was struggling so much:

I didn’t know how to set goals. I was performing too many stupid acts such as spending more money than I made and not saving and investing for the future.

So I decided to get serious...

I finally discovered the reason I was struggling so much:


I came to the realization that the first and most important investment I could make was in myself. I had to spend time, money, and effort on personal growth and development and financial intelligence.


Through my studying...


I discovered that there are three types of education and, up until that time, I had only received instruction in two of them:

  1. Academic or Scholastic Education: Education that teaches you how to read, write and do arithmetic.
  2. Professional Education:  Education that teaches you the skills to work for money, such as learning to be a doctor, lawyer, plumber, secretary, electrician, teacher or real estate agent.

But you and I were never taught the third type of education in any of our formal school classes:

  1. Financial Education: Education with words such as cash flow, wealth, net worth, goals, assets, entrepreneur, leverage, or financial independence included.

The education that teaches us how to invest in assets and how to build businesses.  Education that teaches us how to develop an exit strategy from our job or profession so that we have both time and money to enjoy life. Education that increases our self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence, self-discipline and self-reliance.


When it came to financial intelligence, I had a kindergarten education.


As the following quote states, I finally realized that:

The starting point for all financial success is financial education. Financial intelligence is more important today than ever before. We all need more financial education.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

From that point forward, I focused on setting challenging goals for myself. Over the years I was able to apply the new education I was absorbing to create a much better lifestyle for me and my family.  

  • I became a real estate investor, purchasing over 225 rental units over the years. I currently own 47 units, 37  of which I own free and clear.
  • I quit teaching and became a real estate investment broker, selling over 1000 residential income properties with a value of over $100,000,000.
  • In 2001 I was recognized in an article as a Top Producer by the National Association of Realtors® in their monthly magazine, the largest professional association in the United States with over one million members.
  • Over the years I have owned several successful businesses.
  • I became a wealth creation instructor teaching seminars to the public and writing several books and reports on financial success.
  • I retired early on a nice five figure monthly income that is created completely without my trading time for money and will continue long after my death.

After I retired from real estate sales, I decided to start the Win the Game of Money Institute to help people learn the principles of personal and financial success, financial intelligence, and how to become financially independent.


To Win the Game of Money means that you have become financially independent.


That you now have the freedom to quit work if you choose to and still enjoy the lifestyle that you want for you and your family.

The fact of the matter is it does not matter how much money your earn in your job or profession. There are plenty of people that make large incomes and are not close to winning the Game of Money.


As a founder of the Win the Game of Money Institute...


I’d like to invite you to become a VIP Member so we can help you achieve your personal and financial goals.

The Win the Game of Money Institute will provide you with the proven strategies of some of the world’s greatest personal and financial success teachers and mentors, such as:

  • Anthony Robbins

  • Benjamin Franklin

  • Brian Tracy

  • Denis Waitley 

  • Jim Rohn

  • John Maxwell

  • Mark Victor Hansen

  • Napoleon Hill

  • Robert Allen

  • Robert Kiyosaki

  • Steven Covey

  • Zig Ziglar

So the question now becomes...


Why should you join the Win the Game of Money Institute and why are we so confident it will be one of the best investments you will ever make?


When you enroll in the Win the Game of Money Institute, you will have instant private access to the following:

The “How to Win the Game of Money” Online Video Seminar along with its 66-page Action Guide.


This 4-part, two-hour seminar will open your eyes to all the information you were never taught in school on personal and financial success.

This is where you will find the foundational principles largely responsible for the creation of wealth and financial freedom of everyone that has applied them.


In this seminar, you will discover:

  • How to increase your financial intelligence significantly;

  • How to become financially independent and have both freedom and security;

  • How to become debt free;

  • The important definitions for assets, liabilities and doodads;

  • Why the rich are rich and the poor and middle class are not; 

  • The importance of creating multiple streams of income; 

  • Why the rich pay a lower income tax rate than the middle class; 

  • How to recession-proof you and your family for their protection;

  • How to build an estate that is willable;

  • How your success is dependent upon the law of generosity;

  • How to retire young and retire rich;

  • How to have both the time and money to enjoy life with your family;

  • How to improve your self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-reliance.

  • ...and much more.

Additionally, because we strongly believe that in order to accomplish anything worth while in life one must know how to set goals correctly and how to achieve them, as a VIP Member of the Win the Game of Money Institute, you will also get access to:

The “How to Become a Master Goal Achiever” Online Video Seminar Along With Its Accompanying Action Guide


This insightful training reveals the goal-setting secrets of some of the world's highest achievers and how you can set goals that will motivate you to take the action you need to live a more balanced, fulfilled and successful life.

In this seminar, you will discover:

  • The steps you must take on the road to success before you start setting goals;  

  • How to develop the potential that lies within you;

  • The steps necessary to develop your ability to sustain effort, control attention and concentrate energy;

  • How to develop a goal setting mentality to get you started on your path to success;

  • A step-by-step learning process that will show you how to effectively set and achieve goals; 

  • Why you must set goals in at least six major areas of your life to attain maximum happiness;

  • How to become a self-starter. Not only is it possible, it is your responsibility for your and your family's well-being;

  • The three types of motivation and how to apply the only one that will lead to a sustained successful, rewarding, and happy life; 

  • How to use the power of visualization and affirmation to create the mental daily reminders of the targets you want to accomplish;

  • How you can join the small percentage of people that recognize and take advantage of the massive number of opportunities that exist in our world today;

  • The key differences between a wish, a New Year’s resolution and a goal and how it affects the results you get in life;

  • How to set yourself apart from the crowd by becoming a master goal achiever instead of remaining status-quo, not getting ahead in life year after year.

Additionally, as a Member of the Institute, you will get access to another powerful online video seminar and its accompanying Action Guide:

“How to Become a Professional Manager of Time: Proven Strategies to Help You Become More Productive”​


When you learn how to better manage your time, you will get more important things done and improve the quality of your life, as a result.

In this seminar, you will discover:

  • What actions the successful manager of time takes that the unsuccessful manager of time does not;

  • The importance of your Belief Window and a new Definition of Intelligence;

  • Understanding Time Management, Event Control, and Planning;

  • How to become proactive instead of reactive by planning each day and prioritizing the events for that day;

  • How to develop an important trait for success – character;

  • The difference between Urgencies and Priorities;

  • That you can either spend your time or you can invest your time and develop a great ROI (Return on Investment);

  • How to develop your own personal Productivity Pyramid and the importance of determining your Governing Values;

  • Your biggest challenge to achieving success - getting out of your Comfort Zone and how you can accomplish it;

  • How to construct a productive day that will be your building block to an extraordinary life;

  • Three very simple and easy rules that will help you become a more organized person without getting overwhelmed;

  • A great strategy to help you overcome procrastination, which will increase your productivity, accelerate your progress and improve your self-esteem and overall personal pride and satisfaction;

  • The three natural laws that deal with behavior change and the four essential steps of creating a habit.

But, that's not all you'll be entitled to.


You will also get access to:

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We’ve created a continuing education program for busy people who value their time, but still want to transform their life.


Over the next two years, you will receive a weekly, information-packed newsletter consisting of a combination of eBooks, special reports, and summaries of some of the greatest books written on financial and personal success.

We’ve done all the work for you of selecting the most powerful information and created summaries for your convenience so you can consume each issue in an average of 10 minutes.

Here are just a few titles of our informational newsletters:

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And we're still not done.


You will also get:

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One of the common qualities of the influential, and the financially free of the world is that they have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and wisdom.


They are constantly learning from their personal experience, but also from the wisdom that others have printed on the pages of brilliant books.

Books such as Think and Grow Rich, The Laws of Success, the Richest Man in Babylon, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Success System That Never Fails, Speed Wealth, and much, much more.


The Library is divided into two sections:

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Financial Education

And it includes reports, videos and eBooks to help you design the lifestyle you want for yourself and your loved ones.

By now you might be asking yourself:

“How much does all this information cost?”


You know, I can sincerely and honestly tell you that the education provided by the Institute is worth thousands of dollars.

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Unlike other institutions of learning, if you don’t feel that the content inside the Institute is worth at least 10 times the cost of admission, we offer you the following guarantee:

Pete Pifer

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“I met Bob when I attended his seminar on real estate investing. I knew I wanted to make him my mentor and he was able to find several great deals for me. I have also attended his ‘Win the Game of Money’ seminar and am now a member of the Institute. Bob’s material has been of great worth to me over the years and I strongly recommend you take advantage of his knowledge.”

So, don't hesitate!

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